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Living the Essen Way

A shared memorable experience, gleaming the pleasure of cooking delicious and healthy meals for the whole family. Happiness starts in the kitchen.

Sharing a meal is present at each memorable moment in life. Whether at a wedding, baby shower, gender reveal, bachelorette party, birthdays, anniversaries, or simply getting together with friends and family, we always end up celebrating with a great meal.

Essen helps you celebrate life by preparing those yummy recipes learned from grandma, Mom, and even from your favorite celebrity cooks.

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Stove-Top Functions

Our curated culinary smart cooking systems provide a unique ‘self-contained’ oven function that leads to a ‘take-your-breath-away’ stove-top cooking function with your favorite recipes.

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Non-Toxic Cookware

Each material is carefully sourced and selected to have utmost quality, durability, and toxic-free components throughout the entire manufacturing process, to deliver a top-performing and healthy cooking experience.

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Premium Non-Stick Coating

Our safety standards only allow for top-quality non-stick materials, free of PFOA, PBA, and other toxic components to deliver a fast, easy and healthy cooking experience, in addition to a practical after-cooking and cleaning process.

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“Essen has brought creativity to my kitchen; the pieces became essential to my everyday cooking. The food is tastier, I cook faster and it’s way easier!”

Analía Villalba, Los Angeles, CA

"My stove is acting up, and the temperature in my burners always fluctuates. A few weeks ago, I was steaming vegetables in my Essen and my veggies plus the casserole got burnt. I simply poured a little water with white vinegar and set it to boil, once the water was boiling, I was able to easily remove what was burned in the pot with a spatula. After that, I went ahead and washed it with dish soap and the pot was like new! And to my surprise, my vegetables did not have a burnt taste at all! Essen cookware systems are really meant to last for a lifetime!"

Evelina Gracia, Wellington, FL

“Essen cookware is incredible; the quality and functions are everything I needed! I cook in ways I never thought possible, like baking a cake in the oven. An incredible experience!”

Nicole Justo, Dallas, TX