Being a benchmark in the kitchen of all homes, and facilitating the empowerment of people through the 'Essen Opportunity'.


We are a leading company in the design, development, manufacture and marketing of high quality kitchen products.

We promote the culture of "Cooking is good", convinced of the benefits that home cooking has for the body, mind and spirit.

We work to be the best option for direct sales, for people with concerns about owning their own business. Under the slogan "The best of you" we generate for this people and their families opportunities for personal, economic development and social integration.

We articulate our goals with those of our team members, offering a space that fosters their professional development and teamwork.

We work on the quality of all our processes to make Essen a company of excellence.


Sustainable development

We seek that the development of our business takes into account the demands of each of the interested parties that comprise it, taking care of the economic results and the impact of our decisions on social development and care for the environment.


Passion is one of the engines that contributed to creating Essen, and because of it, we live the business intensely and put the maximum enthusiasm in what we do.


Our moral conduct guidelines are present in business decision making. We honor our promises.


We believe in a service attitude, empathy and the ability to learn from each experience.

Open Mind

We are constantly looking for new ideas and the development of "good practices". We are open to listen, as a source of creativity and innovation.


We are committed to fulfilling our Vision and Mission statement, pursuing based on Essen values.

Essen is an Argentine company that, since 1980, accompanies those who cook at home and that today have the goal of recovering the culture of healthy home-made food, because we are convinced that "Cooking is good" and helps us have a better quality of life and that our children grow up healthy. That is why Essen innovates to add products and recipes that make everyday cooking become an experience of enjoyment.


Our origins marked the way

In 1954, Armando Yasci and his wife Teresa Bompessi started, in the city of Venado Tuerto, province of Santa Fe, a small aluminum casting company for the manufacture of kitchen burners, among other products. Under the leadership of his son Wilder, the family burners business thrived to meet the demand for all gas stoves in Argentina.

In the late 1970s, during a trip to New York, Wilder and his friend Roberto Angelini discovered an aluminum saucepan that caught their attention and decided to create their own model at their foundry. After two years of trial and error, they produced the first saucepans, which they called "Essen", which means "to eat" or "food" in German, a language linked to the roots of Mirta, Wilder's wife.

They made different attempts to find the best way to market their products. Until, at the suggestion of his wife, Wilder decided to organize a meeting with the local people of a town near Venado Tuerto. There, he cooked different preparations in the pans and dazzled with their functions, speed and practicality.

With a resounding success, the Essen Kitchen Meeting was born, which proved to be the most effective way to reach everybody’s homes with our products. A culinary revolution that transcended the borders of Argentina and reached several countries in America.


Over time, the Essen product line multiplied and incorporated new and unique designs and techniques. The small foundry was transformed into the world's largest cast aluminum saucepan factory with state-of-the-art technology.

Gradually, new people with a vocation for progress joined us, like you, who achieved economic and personal development, and who continue to grow with Essen. More than 10,000 Essen Sales Representatives are today the driving force behind our successful MultiEssen direct sales system. They make it possible for our products, the Essen Kitchen Demonstrations and Meetings to reach people everywhere we are present.

In our factory, a great team works every day under the premises of constant improvement and innovation, excellence in quality and customer service.


Since our inception, we have been characterized by working with an active commitment to the professional and human development of the people who make up our team, as well as to the communities and the environment in which we carry out our activities.


Sustainable development is one of the values that guide our daily work. In order to ensure the care of the environment and its natural resources, we develop our processes with the latest technologies and under the strictest environmental controls.

These technologies include a liquid effluent treatment plant to carry out conditioning and filtering of all the water used in the manufacturing process. Furthermore, we set up a gaseous effluent treatment plant, which filters all gases and fumes resulting from the different production stages and which are harmful to the environment.

Dog Shelter

In our Venado Tuerto Dog Shelter, we provide shelter, care and health care to more than 400 dogs rescued from situations of neglect, abuse and other risks. A team of professionals and volunteers is responsible for providing food, veterinary assistance and the necessary care, with the ultimate purpose of finding a new adoptive family for them.


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