Host Program

How it works

Understanding the wonders of Essen smart cooking systems is essential for you to maximize your #bettercooking experience. An Essen Consultant will be ready to support you, while you choose your favorite Essen cooking system. Connect with your Essen consultant, choose the date and time for the visit, invite your friends to learn too a FREE recipe with Essen products.

The Warranty

We value our customers. Each Essen culinary piece has a Lifetime Limited Warranty against any manufacturing flaws. During more than 40 years, Essen has been providing the best cooking systems crafted with top quality ingredients, and free of any toxic materials. Your Essen Consultant will help you how to maximize your lifetime investment for #bettercooking. Either person-to-person or online, you can choose which system is best for you. Ask your Consultant about Host perks.

Are you ready to start enjoying your new cooking experience?