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Nonstick Utensils Aqua

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Amazing utensils resistant to high temperatures (up to 410F). Part of our new Aqua collection, this set has innovative properties such as: antibacterial, non-return liquid barrier and mechanical resistance.

Set includes:

-Potato Masher: especially good for potatoes, but great for pulping other food. 9.84inx3.3in.

-Ladle: Used primarily for serving foods that contain a lot of liquid.  11.3in long.

-Tongs: great for lifting things out of water or turning thick meat over in a frying pan/skillet, such as salmon fillets. 10.23in long.

- Spatula: Great utensil for removing food from frying pans/skillets. 10in long.

- Stirring spoon: amazing utensil for stirring your cooking. 11.25inx2.7in